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    Corbyn Pool

    CBRS Specialist

    I grew up in Fresno, California and have a bachelor’s degree in Communication Disorders and Deaf Studies from California State University Fresno. I graduated in peak 2020 and escaped to Idaho with my family for a fresh start. I’m a nerd who enjoys hobbies like reading, TTRPGs, board games, art and crafts, playing piano, baking, quad riding, biking, and animal care. 

    I have over 5 years of experience working with deaf and minority communities between college classes and various volunteering opportunities. I have spent most of my life trying to do work that makes a positive difference and was originally planning on working as an ASL interpreter in a K-12 public school setting after graduation for at least two years for experience before shifting to working with deaf-blind individuals. However, between audio processing issues, covid lockdowns, certification delays, and anxiety issues, I ended up switching careers entirely. I had already been volunteering to help developmentally delayed friends, and working for Visions Counseling as a CBRS means I’m supported doing work I love that makes a positive impact in my community.